Frequently asked questions

Topic Power Stage / Gas Spring

Question: Why do I have to select a power level, can't I just use the strongest power level for all bicycles?
Answer: The force levels are intended to ensure the most comfortable operation possible.
Question: What happens if the bike is significantly lighter than the selected power level?
Answer It can cause problems when parking out. Any excess kg (i.e. excess force) in the gas strut must be overcome by the operator to park the bicycle out. Therefore, the excess force here should be as low as possible.
Question: what happens if the bike is heavier than the selected power level?
Answer: The bicycle is not held in the upper parking position by the gas pressure spring.
Question: Is the gas spring replaceable?
Answer: Of course, every Bicyclejack frame is designed for a minimum load of 31 kg. The gas pressure spring makes all the difference. These gas springs can be replaced quite easily. All gas springs are available in the shop and are compatible with all Bicyclejack types. The reason for a change can be new bikes/pedelecs with different bike weights or wear (according to the manufacturer 30,000 cycles) of the existing gas spring.
Question: i took the bike weight from the manufacturer's site, is this sufficient for choosing the Bicyclejack force level?
Answer: Very important: no! Most bicycle manufacturers only specify a weight, without taking into account, for example, different frame sizes or equipment variants. In addition, attachments such as bicycle locks, bags, etc. can have a decisive influence on the parking weight. We advise you to stand on a scale together with the bike to determine the bike weight.

Topic corrosion protection ("galvanised" or "not galvanised")

Question: when should I additionally choose the option "galvanised?
Answer: Whenever there is an increased risk of corrosion, i.e. the bicycle parking area is exposed to increased moisture (outside wall of house, shelter outside) or is located near the sea. All Bicyclejacks are colour powder-coated (of course with a UV-stable paint) The galvanic zinc coating protects against corrosion and is applied directly to the metal, i.e. below the colour coating. Visually, the two types are indistinguishable. Due to the high use of materials in our quality products, you will enjoy your Bicyclejack for a very long time.

Topic Accessories

Question: why is there no fixing material included?
Answer:Bicyclejack does not know the type of mounting surface, many customers also have appropriate mounting material in stock. Fastening material for a wide variety of surfaces can be purchased in our shop.

Theme Trying out / Visiting

Question: Can I see the Bicyclejack somewhere before I buy it?
Answer: It is possible to view and try out the Bicyclejack at our premises (by arrangement). We have a small sample exhibition at Danziger Straße 6 in 27243 Harpstedt, where all Bicyclejack types can be tested. We also have competitor models on site, which you are welcome to use as comparison products. We are also listed as a supplier with the ZEG (Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft). You can therefore also try out the Bicyclejack at one of the ZEG-affiliated specialist bicycle dealers in your area (as long as the article is in stock there).

Topic Shipping / Collection

Question: Which service provider do you use for shipping?
Answer: We ship with DPD as standard.
Question: do you also ship with other parcel service providers?
Answer: If another parcel service is desired, please let us know. The additional costs incurred are to be borne by the customer.
Question: Do you have a retail shop?
Answer: You are welcome to collect pre-ordered items from our production facility at Danziger Straße 6 in 27243 Harpstedt
Question: I don't live near the company's headquarters, where can I buy the Bicyclejack near me?
Answer: We are listed as a supplier with the ZEG (Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft). You can therefore also purchase the Bicyclejack from one of the ZEG-affiliated specialist bicycle dealers in your area.