About Bicyclejack

Bicyclejack - a dynamic, young company from Lower Saxony, which has set itself the goal of creating additional usable and living space for as many people as possible. Additional space through a different way of parking bicycles than what you are used to for years.

The energetic team:

  • the friendly Milla, responsible for market analysis and good humor
  • the hard-working Renate, responsible for goods receiving, pre-assembly and shipping
  • the patient Brigitte, responsible for advertising, development, finances (and order in the office)
  • the restless Werner (boss), responsible for product development, purchasing, customer service, final assembly and shipping

Often our customers need a space-saving solution for their bicycle parking situation.... in such situations we are happy when we can create solutions with our professionalism, commitment and the high quality of our own brand.

To enrich the "must" of solving the problem with a personal touch and an intensively lived environmental thought, that is our wish and that is what customers appreciate about us!

You too can benefit from favorable prices by buying directly from us, the manufacturer of the Bicyclejack. We have constantly over 60,000 individual parts for the production of our articles on stock. Even quantities >100 are thus ready for delivery within a few days.

Company History

10 / 2013: The company Bicyclejack is founded on 11 October
02 / 2014: The word/figurative mark Bicyclejack is registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office
04 / 2014: the word/figurative mark Bicyclejack is registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office
08 / 2014: First market appearance
09 / 2014: Bicyclejack is now represented on Facebook - we are happy about every Like :)
09 / 2014: Our website with shop goes online
11 / 2014: The Nordwest-Zeitung visited us - to the report: NWZ
01 / 2015: Patent applications for additional features have been filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office.
08 / 2015: Balance after one year: our Bicyclejack is now in service in Germany, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein
08 / 2015: Bicyclejack in the magazine "aktiv Radfahren", issue 9-1, section products presented and tried out, page 71aktivRadfahren.jpg
10 / 2015: Haibike's development department is equipped with special bicycle jackets - these can take tyres up to 130mm wide
12 / 2015: The special Bicyclejacks are included as standard in the product portfolio: "Bicyclejack for tire width 62mm - 130mm".
02 / 2016: Customers from Scotland, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Spain were added
04 / 2016: Return rate due to unsatisfactory function or poor quality: 0%! And we are very proud of that.
06 / 2016: Patent application for E-Bicyclejack
09 / 2016: After 2 years of internet presence we go online with our new homepage
09 / 2016: Move to a production hall in Danziger Straße 6, 27243 Harpstedt, Lower Saxony
10 / 2016: Some Bicyclejacks now have owners in Romania
12 / 2016: Our "smart" vehicle fleet has received a "tarpaulin truck" aktivRadfahren.jpg
06 / 2017: The countries Belgium and the Czech Republic now belong to the clientele
08 / 2017: After 3 years of business activity we still have only satisfied customers
12 / 2017: Our customers now also come from Italy, Denmark and Ireland
04 / 2018: Norway and France are also involved
04 / 2018: Partial occupation of an adjoining warehouse
10 / 2018: The storage area could be extended by 200 percent
12 / 2018: A sideline becomes a full-time job - we dare to take the step to full independence
07 / 2019: We welcome Mrs Idel in our team
07 / 2019: Takeover of all halls in Danziger Straße 6, 27243 Harpstedt
10 / 2019: Bicyclejack goes America: Canada is supplied
01 / 2020: Granting of the patent for our E-Bicyclejack Kundenstimme Bicyclejack
01 / 2020: Visit us and test Bicyclejack in our new showroom (by appointment)
05 / 2020: Our new website goes online
06 / 2020: An unware surprise for a customer from 86316 Friedberg: he gets our 10.000th Bicyclejack for free :)
06 / 2020: We deliver to the USA
04 / 2021: We are a supplier to the Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft (ZEG) and its more than 1,000 members.
10 / 2021: Over 5,000 customers already place their trust in us
12 / 2021: Bicyclejack UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is history - we have changed our name and are now (finally) Bicyclejack GmbH.