Bicyclejack - the best bike lift on the market!

Here you can see the easy operation of the Bicyclejack and the enormous space saving with our bicycle storage.

Bicyclejack is an owner-managed, 9 year young family business with over 5,000 customers from Europe and North America.

    The energetic team consists of 3 people:

    • the friendly Milla, responsible for market analysis and good humour
    • the dynamic Leon, responsible for pre-assembly, final assembly and shipping
    • the industrious Renate, responsible for receiving goods, pre-assembly and shipping
    • the patient Brigitte, responsible for advertising, development, finances (and order in the office)
    • the restless Werner (boss), responsible for product development, purchasing, customer service, final assembly and shipping

    Often our customers need a space-saving solution for their bike park situation... in such situations we are happy to create solutions with our professionalism, commitment and the high quality of our own brand.

    Enriching the "must" of problem solving with a personal touch and an intensively lived environmental idea, that is our wish and that is exactly what customers appreciate about us!

    You too can benefit from low prices by buying directly from us, the manufacturer of the Bicyclejack. We always have over 60,000 individual parts for the production of our articles in stock. Even quantities >100 are ready for delivery within a few days.

You need individual advice ?

Call us or write us under +49 (0)160 / 8478895 now also via WhatsApp

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All versions of the Bicyclejack in comparison

Bicyclejack BasicBicyclejackBicyclejack for wide tyres
suitable for tyre width
suitable for tyre width up to 61 mm up to 61 mm up to 130 mm
suitable for bicycle weight
suitable for bicycle weight up to 31 kg up to 31 kg up to 31 kg
pivot sideways
laterally swivelling clear done done
eyelet for bicycle lock
Eyelet for bicycle lock done done done
wheel recess protects wall surface from contamination
wheel recess protects wall surface from contamination clear done done
mountable on aluminium profiles
mountable on aluminium profiles done done done
mountable on aluminium profiles offset in height
mountable on aluminium profiles with height offset clear done done
to article to article to article

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