Calculation of space required by the Bicyclejack

The wall area for space-saving storage of bicycles is very easy to calculate:

Minimum space requirement for small wall areas (bicycles hang at alternating heights)

One Bicyclejack for the accommodation of one bicycle = width 70 cm x height 210 cm

Each additional Bicyclejack = 35 cm x 210 cm (W x H) (always alternately offset in height by 20 cm)

Platzbedarf des Bicyclejack

Minimum space requirement with generous wall space (bicycles hang at the same height)

One Bicyclejack for the accommodation of one bicycle = width 70 cm x height 190 cm

each additional Bicyclejack= 70 cm x 190 cm (W x H)

Platzbedarf des Bicyclejack

These measures are a guideline. They are based on standard bicycles with a handlebar width of 65 cm and a bicycle length of 180 cm. The bicycle holder Bicyclejack can also be operated in a higher position without any problems. Several Bicyclejack can be mounted closer or further apart according to the dimensions of your bicycles. Bikes with a tire width up to max 2,4" (6,1cm) are very suitable.

The depth of the room should be at least 240 cm when you park your bike at a 90° angle to the wall, bicycles can also be parked/unparked at any other angle to the wall without any problems - the required room depth can vary greatly here.

If you want to know how far the bike stands in the room when it is not swivelled against the wall with the Bicyclejack, just calculate the bike height (floor to top of the bike) + 5,6cm.

If you are unsure, simply send a hand-drawn sketch with a short description:

We will be happy to work this out for you and then submit an offer