Videos about Bicyclejack

Here you can see the easy operation of the Bicyclejack and the enormous space saving with our bicycle storage.

Trailer "Simply ingenious":

our bicycle lift Bicyclejack is extremely practical to use and easy to handle due to its mobility.
(Video shows a 21kg heavy Pedelec/E-Bike from "Haibike")

Assembly video


Trailer "Parking a Bicycle":

with Bicyclejack it is now possible to park bicycles upright against a wall without effort. Get 40% and more of your valuable space back with Bicyclejack.

Trailer "pull out a Bicycle":

with Bicyclejack it is now possible to use bicycles immediately without having to push bicycles that are in the way to the side.
Bicyclejack also offers many other advantages.

Have a look around our homepage and choose your Bicyclejacks according to the weights of your bikes and the desired surfaces.

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