How it works

pdf iconOperating instructions

Very simple:

The front wheel of the bicycle to be parked is hooked into a plastic-coated, rim-friendly hook of the bicycle lifting device.

After releasing a lifting safety device on the Bicyclejack, a gas pressure spring pulls the bicycle upwards on the front wheel as if by magic.

Wheel recesses on the bicycle lift now accommodate the front and rear wheels, protecting the wall from dirt.

Now the bicycle can be secured against theft with a bicycle lock on the lock bracket of the Bicyclejack.

Finally, it is possible to "flip" the parked bicycle to the left or right against the wall like the page of a book.

To remove the bicycle, (after removing the bicycle lock) the bicycle is pulled backwards on the saddle with the necessary momentum, the bicycle swings down and is ready for use again in no time.

In this way, bicycles of the most varied designs can be parked upright to save space.