Advantages of the Bicyclejack bike lift

Made in germany

  • Easy, almost force-free parking in vertical position due to the support of a high-quality gas pressure spring (30,000 cycles)
  • Space savings of over 40% with the lateral swivel option of the Bicyclejack
  • In combination with a bicycle lock, the bicycle is secured against thieves
  • Gentle parking through the use of a plastic-coated pick-up hook
  • Each bicycle must be removed immediately, there is no need to "re-park" other bicycles
  • Thanks to the lateral swivel option (not Basic version), bicycles can be easily accommodated even in narrow aisles (bicycles can be swivelled completely against the wall)
  • Useless wall areas originally blocked by bicycles are used directly for parking bicycles, the floor space is fully available again
  • Use in weather-protected outdoor and indoor areas
  • Our bicycle lift creates an extraordinary bicycle presentation
  • If your bike changes to another weight class at some point due to a new acquisition, you can simply and inexpensively change only the gas pressure spring
  • Fair pricing, you buy directly from the manufacturer!
  • On request colour design according to your wishes (e.g. adapted to your bicycle)
  • Each Bicyclejack has its own serial number - this is recorded with the weight classification and the chosen surface.
  • Even if the prices suggest otherwise: Bicyclejack is a product "Made in Germany" - and we are proud of it.