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Yvonne America aus Den Hout, Niederlande Niederlande(13.04.2022)

"Merci @bicyclejackde for this perfect parking system! Our 50 bikes are hanging perfectly and our free space is lovely for the clients we receive! #parisbybike #bicyclejack"

Kundenstimme BicyclejackKundenstimme Bicyclejack

William K. aus Illinois, USA Deutschland(21.08.2020)

Everything is now finished and the Bicyclejacks are insatalled and working. They are perfect --- we love it that they not only lift the bikes for us, but also swing from side to side so we can easily access other things that are nearby. It's a great design. We think it would be fantastic for ervery workplace to have a set of Bicyclejacks for people who would like to pedal to the office. Thanks again, very much, for a fantastic product!"

Kundenstimme Bicyclejack

Simon W. aus Guildford UK Deutschland(19.04.2020)

"Thank you so much for all your help, we received and installed the jack this weekend. They look great in their new home!!"

Kundenstimme Bicyclejack

Frank N aus Oberath, Schweiz Schweiz(08.05.2019)

Kundenstimme Bicyclejack

Bart C. aus Sas van Gent, Niederlande Niederlande(02.12.2015):

"After some searching on the internet for a bicycle suspension system I found Bicycle Jack. I have watched the YouTube videos and came to the conclusion that this could well be the system for me. In the garage I have two bikes already and had ordered two new race bikes, this led to a lack of space. After a call because I have some questions I had ordered four Jacks Bicycle, these were delivered within a few days. By installing this system higher on the wall I could place 4 bikes very easy. And as easy as it looks in the videos, that easy it is. If you order this system (which I recommend), Please note the correct weight of your bike and its accessories (such as baskets and extra locks) so you order the correct Bicycle Jack for your bike."

Kundenstimme BicyclejackKundenstimme BicyclejackKundenstimme Bicyclejack