Magnetic fixation for increased bicycle weights (retrofit set)

For the twisting Bicyclejack: increase the maximum bicycle parking weight with the magnetic fixation

Order this item as a retrofit kit or directly with your new Bicyclejack Twist

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Suitable for all twisting Bicyclejack 

The use of the magnetic fixation gives the Bicyclejack an additional bicycle holding force of 7kg and thus increases the range of parkable bicycle weight as follows:

Bicyclejack Power Level -14kg PLUS magnetic fixation: for bikes from 7kg to 21kg

Bicyclejack Power Level 14-22kg PLUS magnetic fixation: for bikes from 14kg to 29kg (for bio-bikes, pedelecs, e-bikes) the 1st choice for unknown bicycles (e.g. rental properties, hotel facilities, bicycle repair shops, public bicycle parking facilities, etc.)

Bicyclejack Power Level 22-26kg PLUS magnetic fixation: for bikes from 22kg to 33kg (for most pedelecs/e-bikes)

Bicyclejack Power Level 27-31kg PLUS magnetic fixation: for bikes from 27kg to 38kg (for heavy pedelecs/e-bikes)

This item is mounted directly by us when ordered with a Bicyclejack Twist. If no allocation is possible (more Bicyclejack than magnetic fixings ordered), we will enclose the magnetic fixings with your order.

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