BikeParka / The jacket for your bike

    Tear-resistant polyester
    Fully sealed seams
    SPF 50+
    Locking slider
    light & breathable

SPF 50+
    The coating protects the material from sunlight and colour loss.

    green; grey; black

    220 x 140 cm (l x h) and max. 65 cm handlebar width
    225 x 140 cm (L x H) and max. 100 cm handlebar width

for bicycle size
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This bicycle cover was developed for daily use and has the following features:
Polyester ripstop, PU coating, taped seams, drawstring, elastic area for the wheels, eyelets and storage pocket.

With elastic closure for a secure fit and eyelets for loops or small locks. The protective cover can be resized to be compatible with different saddles and handlebar heights.

The cycling tarpaulins are also practical when you are out and about, as the cover can be easily stowed in the bag provided. Folded together, the cover measures 20 x 12 cm and weighs 400 g. Even if the cover is wet or damp, it can easily be stuffed into the bag.

And so it goes
Each bicycle cover can be easily adjusted in size and fit to fit your bike. It is best to start at the front of the front wheel and pull the cover backwards from there. When everything is covered, pull the cord on the top of the cover to make it fit snugly. On the handlebars, make sure that the logo is at the same height as the front wheel. This is the best way to fit the cover.

Storage bag
Just take one end of the sleeve and start stuffing it into the bag. If you try to fold the bag carefully before doing so, there will be too much air trapped and it might get tight. So you don't have to be neat and tidy here!

Long term protection
Every bicycle tarpaulin has high UV protection. However, you can even increase the service life by using the cover in the shade, if possible. To clean the cover, simply treat it in the same way as a high-quality tent: clean it with a sponge and warm water and a mild soap or detergent. Please do not machine wash. The robust material is tearproof, but of course small accidents can always happen. However, a repair kit for tents can quickly remedy this.


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