Mounting kit for a Bicyclejack

Mounting kit for a Bicyclejack

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Production time: 2 working days
Production time: 2-3 working days

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Universal plugs UX GREEN are produced with over 50% renewable ingredients. This has been independently tested by DIN CERTCO / TÜV Rheinland.
The raw materials do not compete with food and animal feed, nor do they compete with the corresponding cultivated areas.
The universal functional principle (knotting or spreading) allows the use in all solid, perforated and panel building materials. Therefore the UX is the right choice when the anchoring ground is unknown.

Suitable for all building materials like:

    Plasterboard and gypsum fibre boards
    vertically perforated bricks
    Hollow block of lightweight concrete
    Hollow ceilings of brick and concrete
    Perforated lime sand brick
    Solid lime sand brick
    Natural stone
    Aerated concrete
    Solid gypsum plates
    Solid brick made of lightweight concrete
    Solid bricks

Bicyclejack fastening set, consisting of:

    6x Fischer Universal Plugs UX10 Greenline
    6x key screws, galvanized, 8x50mm DIN571 (also suitable for screwing into wood (then without dowels)
    6x washers, galvanized, Ø 8,4mm DIN125A

For the right preparation:
Nominal drill diameter    
    10 [mm]
min. Drill hole depth    
    75 [mm]


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